Surnames of primary interest include:
*NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK, CONNECTICUT: Bailey, Bloomer, Brower, Chitty, Curtis, Doty, Haughey, Loveless, Martin, Mills, Parmalee, Tallman, Teed, Tucker, West, White
*CANADA (Maritimes and Ontario): Bennett, Cox, Mineard, Steele, Woodley
*ENGLAND (mostly Devon): Cox, Eldon, Maredon, Mineard, Stanleick, Steele, Wills, Woodley

All place names are in the United States unless indicated otherwise.
Names of counties and other intermediate governmental entities have been excluded for major cities and well-known towns. For convenience, some places, such as Nova Scotia, are referred to by their current designation (i.e., Canada) although at the time of certain events they may not yet have been considered part of that governmental entity

The information in this website changes frequently due to ongoing research. At the moment, people included are ancestors of Howard and Edith plus other people who are being added as I edit their information for proper display with this web program. In general, living people are excluded except for mention of their names as offspring. Anyone born in the last 100 years or so for whom I have no death information is shown as living. Family members for whom I have information in my genealogy records but whose records I have not yet edited are indicated as "excluded".

Any corrections or additional information will be gladly received. Please note that there may be inconsistencies involving some dates because of the change from Old Style (Julian) to New Style (Gregorian) calendars, which occurred in different parts of the world between the 16th and 20th centuries. For purposes of this genealogy, which occurred primarily in England, Canada, and eastern seaboard U.S., the change came in 1752, when the beginning of the year was changed from 25 March to 1 January.