Isaac Bloom1

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Birth of DaughterHis daughter Maria Bloom was born circa 1800.1 




  1. [S39] Nathaniel Bartlett Sylvester, History of Ulster County, New York, Section II, p. 92a.

(?) Lynch

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Note*She may have been the H. H. Lynch who attended Howard Tucker Bailey and Margaret Chitty's wedding. 
Marriage*(?) Lynch may have been married to our ancestor Charles Augustus Bailey, son of James W. Bailey and Elizabeth Bloomer, after 1 January 1924. Peg Bailey Blackburn stated that this marriage did take place, and that Mrs. Lynch was the nurse who cared for Calista before she died. Peg remembered her as a sweet person, and Charles as a small guy with a long white beard. No mention of this wife was found on Charles' death certificate, nor is she buried with Charles, although she may have been buried with an earlier husband. In addition, when Charles died, his Civil War pension was cancelled and no surviving spouse was named. I have found no primary evidence of the marriage, and other family notes show that following Calista's death Charles went to reside with his son Louis Smith Bailey at Hastings-on-Hudson, living with him until he died in 1927. Mrs. Lynch was not enumerated with the family in 1925, and she is not mentioned in his obituary.1,2,3 


Charles Augustus Bailey b. May 1844, d. 4 Dec 1927


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Jane Bailey1

#916, b. circa 1827
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Birth*Jane Bailey was born circa 1827 at New York.1 
(Other) Census1860FedUSShe appeared on the 1860 Federal Census of Marlborough, Ulster County, New York, in the household of Louisa Bailey, who may have been her sister or cousin.1 


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William Place1

#929, b. circa 1844
Father*Welcome S. Place1 b. c 1818
Mother*Louisa Matilda Tucker1 b. 8 Apr 1823, d. bt 1870 - 1880
Relationship2nd cousin 2 times removed of Howard Louis Bailey
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Birth*William Place was born circa 1844 at New York.1 
(with Parents) Census1850FedUSHe appeared on the 1850 Federal Census of Pleasant Valley, Dutchess County, New York, in the household of his parents, Welcome S. Place and Louisa Matilda Tucker.1 


  1. [S495] Census of 1850 for the United States, population schedule, Household of Welcome S. Place, Pleasant Valley, Dutchess County, New York, dwelling 28, family 35, roll M432-599, enumerated 12 September 1850.

Elizabeth Jons1

#930, b. circa 1837
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Birth*Elizabeth Jons was born circa 1837 at Winkleigh, Devon, England.1 
(Witness) Census1851FedForeignShe appeared on the 1851 Federal Census of Torquay, Devon, England in the household of Robert Stanleick and Elizabeth Gibbings.1 


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